VCI Film – Anti Corrosion Film

VCI means volatile corrosion inhibitor. The main use of the VCI film is to solely and completely protect the metal components against catching rust, corrosion and contamination.

The VCI film is widely used in automobile segment, used directly and indirectly pertaining to their ancillary parts, tool manufacturers, machine manufacturers, metal component manufacturers, CKD, metallic automobile components (motor systems, transmissions, gear boxes, brake pads, etc…), steel reels, entire machines and all types of metallic items.

VCI Film/Anti Corrosion Film enhances the life of the product as it saves it against catching rust, corrosion and contamination thus playing a huge role while transporting and exporting these products as it ensures a protective transit.

With the VCI film you don´t need to conserve products by wax or grease which avoids the toxic residues they generate. It has a high efficiency, you can reuse the film, the substance is released from the film up to 2 years.
This VCI film is available in stretch film rolls as well as LDPE depending on the packaging you require

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