Stretch Film

Stretch film is a very common product in the field of flexible packaging. The stretch film is ideal for pallet wrapping and protection of packages, boxes and other similar products. The stretch film is produced by cast film coextrusion, and we also have a wide range of stretching, thicknesses and measures.

  1. Thicknesses from 8 to 60 microns
  2. Stretching from 150% to 350%
  3. Width from 50 mm. to 1500 mm.
  4. High resistance
  5. Antistatic and sliding on external face
  6. Available in transparent, colored or printed
  7. Anti UVI for sun protection
  8. Stretch anticorrosive film (VCI)

In the production of the stretch film are used the most advanced technologies, which guarante a high quality level. We are specialists in high performance stretch film and we have the best raw materials which guarantee one of the highest qualities in the current market. Our films are 100% recyclable and specifically our stretch film has a high elongation and resistance to impact or tearing.

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