Macro Perforated Stretch Film

Macro Air Film is a macro-perforated stretch film for pallet wrapping. Macro-perforated film can be used for palletising products that would benefit from breathing. The large holes increase the air circulation thereby improving shelf life. For products that are wrapped whilst warm, the holes allow unrestricted cooling and reduce condensation. We have different holes size depending on the palletised product.

It can perfectly replace the textile palletizing mesh because it has the same utility but it is cheaper and allows to take advantage of the stretching of the film to optimize the performance of the reels and reduce packaging cost.

This type of macroperforated stretch film is the best type of packaging for pallets containing materials such as: fruits and vegetables, beverages, frozen products, dairy products, flowers and plants, baked snacks, pasteurized products, breakfast cereals, pharmaceutical products, food for pets, etc.

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