Compostables and Biodegradables Films

Compostables and Biodegradables Films

Wide range of transparent films and laminates which are a fully compostable and designed to biodegrade just like organic waste in home and/or industrial compost, where accepted.

This packaging film is a compostable alternative to conventional flexible plastic packaging like polyethylene and polypropylene. This type of films can be laminated, printable and sealable and available in a range of applications.

Biodegradable PLA Film : Poly Lactid Acid, comes from biomass, mainly corn starch, sugar cane or cellulose.

Ideal for Flow pack packaging machines, tray sealers, L-sealers and vertical wrappers.

It is a very transparent and glossy film, very elastic and resistant.

Compostable film: Film made from raw material mainly from potato starch processing. Properly processed after use, it is used to make compost or organic compost.

This film can replace polyethylene in most of its applications.

Available in sheet, tube, centerfold or bags.